Monday, March 7, 2016

To Trump: An Alphabetical Exercise in Invective

Memo to the Trumpster:

You, sir, are, alphabetically, an absolute asshole; a bigoted, blathering bastard; a cretinous, contemptible corporate creep; a dumb, deranged, despicable dumpster of doltishness; an eel-brained exciter of excrement-eating extremists; a fatuous, fraudulent fuckwit fascist; a gushing gutter of glutinous grime; a halfwit Hitler; an infuriatingly ignorant imbecile; a jerrybuilt jingoistic jerk; a Ku Klux Krap-artist; a lowdown, lily-livered, lamebrained lying loser; a manically moronic mental midget; a nutty Nixonian nitwit; an obstreperous objectification of octopoid Organizations; a prickish personification of political puke; a quirky Quisling quesadilla of quotidian querulousness; a rotted ruin of rancid Republicanism; a slashing scimitar of stupidity; a turgid, talking tube of tripe; a univocal universe of urine; a visionary of vicarious violence; a whiny, witless wacko; a xenophobic xylophone; a yammering yahoo of the yachtsman class; and a zany, zoophilic zero.

O Trump, you shithead charlatan, you trumped-up twit, you orange-lidded barrel of toxic waste, you bottle of bile with Boehner-tinted hair, you wedge of stinking bishop, you loser, you lunatic, you crude, crass, cynical corpse of capitalist corruption; you cut-rate Mussolini, you K-Mart Hitler, you infantile, slobbering fool...

...with luck, in a few months, you will be so over...

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