Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pieces of Poems / Poem in Pieces -- A Poem by B. A. Oard

[These fragments of poems from my mid-1990s notebook seem to work surrealistically well together. Let's call it a single poem.]

Pieces of Poems / Poem in Pieces

...for the darkness will lengthen like shadows
and threaten a drowning

...where the rose petals scatter
below the bush with blowing arms...

--zoning out--
blackness past the searchlight,
lost in the waves.

Remember the brown grass
that blows there
Remember the faces
that laid you in the dust

I know there is something crying
under the broken sidewalk

something barely human calling
something understood...

and an ancient secret
like a child
chained to a bed;

and the vision that failed you then:
a flock of geese rising to sunlight--
only to crash down and shatter
the water's dark glass...

a package of razor blades
bulging your pocket like the weight
of jingling change.

The mind a darkened corridor,
The soul a vacant lot,

The beast that lingers in the brain
behind the door to gone insane
appreciates the strangeness of the plot.

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