Friday, March 18, 2011

Sebald News: A PLACE IN THE COUNTRY to be released Dec. 6

I've just noticed that is now accepting pre-orders for W. G. Sebald's collection of essays on European literature, A Place in the Country, which will be released Dec. 6, 2011. The Amazon page contains no additional information about the book except the number of pages (240). More info will surely be added in the coming months. In the meantime, here's Amazon's image of the cover:

A Place in the Country is a translation of Sebald's Logis in einem Landhaus, described on the highly-informative Sebald blog Vertigo as "a book of essays on Robert Walser, Gottfried Keller, Johann Peter Hebel, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Eduard Mörike, and Jan Peter Tripp." I'm looking forward to it.

UPDATE, 5/16/11: I've just noticed that Amazon is now no longer accepting pre-orders for this book and that the publication date has been pushed back to 2013. What's up, Random House?

UPDATE, 5/21/12: Now Amazon lists the prospective publication date as Feb.4, 2014. The wait lengthens...Will Random House publish this book before my beard turns gray?

UPDATE 1/6/13: And now the Amazon page states a publication date of Jan.28, it'll be at least another year before American publication.

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