Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Situation of Criticism at the Present Time

Jess Row's 2011 Boston Review article, "The Novel Is Not Dead," is an absolute must-read for readers and writers of contemporary fiction and anyone interested in the situation of literary criticism at the present time. In addition to arguing for the continuing vibrancy of novelistic fiction, Row compellingly criticizes the criticism of Virginia Woolf, indicts David Shields along similar lines, and begins and ends the article with a quote from Bakhtin that made my day.


Unknown said...

Hi, Brian,
I'm doing a story on great books that booklovers haven't read, and I saw your wonderful post on the topic. Any chance you'd be interested in talking to me?
This is for the Chicago Tribune's Printers Row book section.
I was hoping to do interviews April 1 and 2.
Nara Schoenberg
staff reporter
Chicago Tribune

BRIAN OARD said...

@Nara Schoenberg:

I just sent an email reply. Thanks.