Saturday, January 5, 2013

THE BLEEDING EDGE by Thomas Pynchon

The first rumors of a new Thomas Pynchon novel, perhaps to be published later this year, have leaked out of Penguin Press. (I've heard that Fix-a-Flat is good for leaky penguins...) The only seemingly credible information we have at this point is the title, The Bleeding Edge. C'est tout, for now.

If this news pans out, 2013 is shaping into a good year for TP fans, as Paul Thomas Anderson also appears to be ready to film his adaptation of Inherent Vice this year.

UPDATE, 2/26: ...Here's the latest: An article in The Guardian reports that "Bleeding Edge, which will be published in America on 17 September this year, will be set in 2001 "in the lull between the collapse of the dotcom boom and the terrible events of September 11", said Pynchon's American publisher Penguin in its 2012 results announcement yesterday."

UPDATE 4/9: A publisher's description of the novel is now available.

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